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Working with fingerprints is not as easy as some may think.  I get all kinds of prints.  Some are very clear and easy and some can take me a couple of hours to get ready. Some cannot be engraved deep as  it may be too dark of a print. In most cases I cannot use all of the fingerprint. This is very important for my customers to understand. A fingerprint may look good on paper or on screen, but when you engrave into metal it can become very crowded.  If you look at other fingerprint jewelry you will see that they do the same.  Not only are we engraving into metal but we are also trying to compress the print into a size that will fit onto the knife or jewelry.

On black blades, I cannot use the whole print and they are not engraved deep into the blade. With black blades we are taking the black off the blade so that the stainless steel blade can be seen.   I have to invert the print, so that what is white on the fingerprint engraves on the knife instead of the black.  This will leave the fingerprint looking like what you sent me. 

I will send proof of what I will be engraving.  If you do not respond within a day, I may use the proof without you approving it.  As this will keep my orders from being late.

Handwriting is the same way.  I have received very clear images which do not take long to fix and some have sent signatures from social security cards, drivers license, paper with lines or on floral paper. In some cases, I have to trace the signature. Please do not mail original handwriting to me, as I am not responsible if it gets lost.  Please take a clear picture of the handwriting, trying to avoid any shadows. 


Good Prints
Not Good Prints (this does not mean I can't do it for you.  It may mean that I have to mark your knife or jewelry instead of engrave.  Marking is still done with a fiber laser machine and it will not fade or wipe off. Some people actually like marking better than engraving because it is darker and very clear and smooth to the touch. 
Example of a dark print and the image I sent back for approval
Example of handwriting - First Image (with shadow) and second image (without shadow)
I know that we can't always control how the fingerprint is. Some funeral homes do a very good job and some don't or aren't able.  Same with the handwriting.  Just know I do the best that I can with what you are able to send me.

Thank You
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