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If you are in the state of Alabama please use my etsy shop for your purchase. 


I prefer payment when you place an order, but it is not necessary.  During check out if you do not want to pay right away you can choose other payment.  You can either mail me a check that I will cash when order is done, or I can send you an invoice through email for you to pay.  I am not hard to work with.


Before you order please keep in mind:


Please do NOT send fresh flowers.  I have drying instructions in my FAQs.

Items contain small parts and are not appropriate for small children.

Everyone's skin is different and we are not liable for skin irritations that may arise from wearing our products.

The rose jewelry is custom made and the process will take time. Expect 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. Sometimes I can get items out the same week depending on the size of the order.  Sometimes it may take me the full 10 weeks due to needing to order parts.

While I will try my best to get the color you want, please understand that flowers differ in color and that they may produce a different shade than expected.  I am working with natural products, and there is no exact recipe for making these. I cannot guarantee the color. Results will vary. Rose jewelry will vary in color and size.

Stock may change and items may not be available. If this happens I will call you to see what you would like for me to do. Since sterling silver is so high in price, I do not keep a large amounts of it in stock. Most sterling pendants are handmade, so if I do not have the item in stock I will have to order it, delivery times will vary based on how busy my supplier is.

Please take care of your jewelry once you receive it.  Put your jewelry on after you have applied all hair products, make-up and perfumes.  Wipe your jewelry clean after each wear. Items should be stored away from your other jewelry and in dry places.

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