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How do I order?
If you are local, please contact me (after 4:00pm) and schedule a time to deliver your flowers.  If you are mailing please call or send me a quick email or text to let me know that you are mailing an order.  This way I will know to look for it.  Please make sure you print out an order form to bring/mail with your flowers or go through the checkout process on web page and get an order number.  Payment is not required when creating order. If paying by check please enclose with your order. If paying by credit card, please mark that on the order form and I will contact you for the payment before I begin processing your order. 


How many flowers does it take to make a piece of jewelry?
Usually 4 to 5 petals from a rose.  If your flowers are something other than a rose it may take the whole flower. Petals can sometimes dry up to hardly anything once the moisture is removed from the flower.

Is there a minimum order?
No.  While a minimum order amount of $50 would be appreciated due to the time it takes to make an item, I have learned that one happy customer equals many happy customers.


Do the flowers have to be fresh?
No.  I can use flowers that have been dried for years.  They do need to be dried.  I have microwave instructions below

Is your jewelry Sterling Silver?
I have silver and gold plated item as well as Sterling Silver. 

What is the turn around time?
That usually depends on how busy I am.  If I am caught up with my orders and I have everything in stock, you can usually expect 6 to 10 weeks. 


How do I send the flowers?

Please DO NOT send fresh flowers.  They can mold and mildew in the mail. Also please DO NOT put them in the refrigerator before trying to dry them.  To dry your flowers in the microwave take the petals off one bud and scatter them onto a napkin. Heat them 30 to 45 seconds 4 to 5 different times. Do not over heat them, they can burn.  They will shrink, so don't get alarmed. 


Will they be the exact color as my flower?

While I try my best to get the desired color, this is not always possible.  I am working with natural products and there is no exact recipe for making these flower stones.  Results may vary in size and color. They normally turn out the dried color.

What kind of payment do you accept and when do you expect it?
I accept Cash, Checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Credit/Debit Card.  Please mail check with order and make it out to Tammie Drain.  



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