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DO NOT send fresh flowers 
These images show you what can happen to your precious flowers if you send them without making sure they are properly dry. In most cases I will have to cancel  your order as it is unhealthy for us to touch molded petals, and in most cases they are not usable.
Drying your petals is easy and usually the petals look a lot better than allowing them to dry on their own. There are many videos and information on the internet to help you dry them.  I prefer the microwave method but there are several other methods.  Using silica gel, hanging them upside down, drying them in the oven, pressing them in books and even ironing them are a few. 

I place my petals in a single row between two paper towels and place them in the microwave.  I then heat them for about 30 to 45 seconds.  I do this 2 to 6 times depending on the flower petals.  They will become somewhat crisp.  Some will change colors, this is a natural process no matter which method you choose to dry your petals.  Some will shrink. Carnations and daisy like petals are bad to do this.  You can help the shrinkage by placing something heavy on the paper towel. I do not guarantee this method and I am not responsible if they do not turn out right.  But this is the way I dry mine.

Allow the petals to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before placing in an envelope. Please do not put in a  plastic baggy, wax paper, or anything that can recreate moisture. Only do that if you are 100% sure they are dry.

Please know that most items come out the color of the dried petals.  Sometimes this is not always the case. Light pinks are some of the hardest colors to work with.  I cannot control this.

Please send me a few over what you think I will need.  You can find how many petals each item needs by reading the item description.  A few is always appreciated because sometimes a piece may mess up or you may request more items.

Please only send me one package regardless of how many orders you place or how many items you order, or how many different color petals you have.  This is due to the fact that multiple packages do not always reach me at the same time and I may have already started your order before receiving the other packages.  If you are wanting certain items to have certain petals in them, you can put those in a small envelope with the item description on the outside of it.  Then you would place all small envelopes into one larger one. If you want to keep your petals separate, you can put them in small envelopes and then place those in a larger envelope.

Please do not send requesting a signature, as I am not always there to sign and may cause your package to be sent back to you.  You can send the petals to me in a box or envelope. Do what works best for you.

Please give us two weeks before messaging us to see if we have received your petals.  We do send a message when we receive them into our system letting you know that we have received them.  If after two weeks you have not received a message, please reach out to us.  It could be we forgot to send a message or that you may need to contact the post office. Sending using a tracking number is also recommended, this way you can track it. Please know that we receive petals into our system two or three days a week. So we may receive it into the system a couple days after they actually arrive. 

Please be sure to print out our form for sending petals.  This is a very important step. We have received petals before with no matching order number, customer name, or address. This can become very difficult if we have to try and track down where the petals came from.  There have been a few times that we was not able to match them up.  In this case, we will hold onto them for about 2 months.  After that I will dispose of them.  I hate to do this, but I have limited space.

I know this was lengthy, but it is very important that you send them properly. If you have any other questions, please message me through the platform you ordered from, as this helps keep all conversations in one place.
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